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Order of Events

Bell and Processional Transfer and Raising of the Kwaebul (Tangka) Painting Incantation to Avalokitesvara Thousand-Hand Bara (Cymbols) Dance Purification of the Ritual Area Dharma Drum Dance Entreating the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas Incense and Flower Offerings Offering Chants Four Dharani Chants Food Offerings Transfer of Merit
The Meal Offering Order of Events

Bell and Processional Shikdang Jakbeop : The Meal Offering Transfer of Merit
1. Tajong, Shiryon: Bell and Processional
The huge bell is rung to signal the beginning of the ceremony, in which the Buddha, Bodhisattvas, gods, devas, guardians and other spirits are beseeched to come down from the heavens to join the ceremony, protect the grounds, and make the ceremony a success. Bodhisattva Innowang leads the spirits from outside the temple grounds to the ceremony site in a processional, with the palanquin symbolically carrying the spirits.