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Bongwonsa, a noted temple with a history of more than 1,000 years, is the head temple of the Taego Order of Korean Buddhism which has a long history and tradition. This temple is headed by Priest Kim Gu-hae, the only human cultural asset (No. 50), devoting itself to Buddhist mission work to modernize and popularize Buddhism. Buddhist ceremonies are being held by Gwaneumhoe, Young Men's Buddhist Association, and Student Buddhist Association on a regular basis. There are annex institutions called the Yeongsanjae Preservation Association and the Okcheon Buddhist Music College, an educational institution of Buddhist musics.

Bongweonsa Temple at the heart of the city will do its best to show the mercy and observe the law of Buddha through the daily religious lives.

Association Ven.

The Yeongsanjae Ceremony is a realistic reenactment of the historical Buddha Sakyamuni's delivery of the Lotus Sutra on Mt. Grdhrakuta, which is the most sublime and important among the Buddhist rituals. The Yeongsanjae Ceremony has been handed down to the present since Goryo Dynasty, which is a traditional art, essence, and flower of Buddhism and our nation. It is designated as a Korean Important Intangible Cultural Property No. 50, rehearsed here in Bongweonnsa Temple every year.

Bongweonsa Temple will do its best to succeed to the Korean traditional Buddhist rituals and maintain its reputation as the head temple of the Korean traditional Buddhism. We hope many Buddhists will visit our website and pray Buddha will always show mercy upon you.

the head priest of Bongwonsa Temple,
the head temple of the Taego Order of Korean Buddhism.